Point-Of-Care LIMS Platform

Vaxport® specialises in data management for point-of-care diagnostic screening and testing networks.

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Pathogen, analyte and test technology agnostic

Vaxport® supports both single and multi-analyte results from manual and instrument based assay systems.


Data Management & Integrity

Collect, verify and report quantitative and qualitative data.


Compliance & Auditing

Complete audit log from sample acquisition to verification and reporting of results.


Training & E-Learning

Ensure operators are effectively trained with manufacturer endorsed e-learning packages.


Custom Workflows

Ensure quality and consistency of processes with assay specific workflows.

Integrates with any assay

Enabling High Throughput Testing

Scale testing operations from sample acquisition to reporting results across multiple instruments and sites in a single interface.

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Post Market Surveillance & Peer QC

Monitor assay, instrument and operator performance to aid rapid identification and resolution of quality issues.

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Featured use case

Llusern Scientific

Llusern Scientific have developed the Lodestar DX system, a platform technology which has been deployed on robust, portable devices. It can be run from 240v or a 15v battery making it suitable for low resource settings.

The flagship assay is an accurate, rapid and affordable point-of-care test for the detection of the SARS-CoV-2 virus and is more sensitive than lateral flow tests whilst being faster than PCR.

Llusern Scientific partnered with Vaxport® to enable their customers to manage and report their testing data as well as train system operators to ensure quality and compliance.

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Training & E-Learning Platform

Vaxport® makes the tedious job of ensuring mandatory and recurring, manufacturer endorsed training easy.

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Vaxport® was designed from inception to be an assay/test technology agnostic platform some examples of the technologies we can integrate with are:

  1. - Molecular assays such as PCR and LAMP.
  2. - Immunochromatographic and immunofluorescence assays such as lateral flow and microfluidics.
  3. - Immunochemical and chemiluminescent assays such as ELISA and luciferase.
  4. - Electroanalytical detection methods such as Electrochemistry / Redox / Amperometry.
  5. - Direct physical methods such as Spectrometry and Spectroscopy.

Vaxport® supports individual and multi-analyte tests delivered as test panels or as multiplexed assays with multichannel readouts. Data can be qualitative e.g. presence/absence, semi quantitative e.g. ranges or bins, fully quantitative or any combination as specified by the customer.

Vaxport® can support multiple test technologies as well as multiple different tests on the same test technology; additionally single sample, multiple analyte/channel output is supported.
Yes Vaxport® offers generic interfaces for common test technologies and custom interfaces for more specialised instances.
No, the Vaxport® platform is specifically built to support professional use only tests. Administrators can configure access to the platform for professional users and ensure accreditations and training are current and appropriate.
Vaxport® provides live dashboards and customisable reporting to ensure compliance with reporting obligations and give stakeholders real time view of testing operations.
Vaxport® also supports self testing for individual users by providing and enforcing training requirements through our e-learning platform. Customisable wizards guide users through the testing process to ensure compliance and quality in self testing environments.
Yes, we support applications in the veterinary, food, dairy, water, brewing and environmental monitoring sectors.

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